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A simple blue collar girl with a gift to give. At various times she has been a chicken farmer, a security guard, a street musician, a travelling theater performer, a Local 7 Ironworker, and a sewer worker, but flowing underneath it all has been an undercurrent of creativity. This creative mysticism, this poetry, writing and music that flow through her inner soul, from some universal unknown source is her gift to give, as it is all artists’.

After putting herself through 3 years at the New England Conservatory of music while working as a security guard she dropped out and become a street musician. A few years later she became a local 7 Ironworker. For many years her music went on the back burner. She didn’t perform again until she sang, America, the Beautiful, as a memorial on a construction site one year after the twin towers were taken down by terrorists. As each big burly man came up to her with tears in his eyes, to say thank you for singing, her soul remembered its true purpose. After that she began singing at church once more. In 2009 while experiencing a deep depression brought on by a divorce, a broken back and the loss of her mother she had a spiritual awakening. She found God in the form of all that is divine and beautiful in all of creation. It was at this time that she began creating in earnest. The works that you see on this web page are products of that creative energy.



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Michelle Murphy lives in the woods of Dayville, Connecticut with her seven cats.
She is currently a Chief Operator at the Brockton Wastewater Facility.

If you'd like to have Michelle perform at your event, raise money for your charity or commission a work of art contact her at 508-208-4298 or at michiron@aol.com

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Contact Michelle: michiron@aol.com

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