The Spiritual Awakening of a Sewer Worker

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This particular spiritual journey is somewhat unique because it can be read by anybody from any religious creed and be appreciated. The reader just has to appreciate the concept of love in the universe to enjoy this book.

It truly is unbelievable that one moment could change your life so dramatically, but it happens. I know it does, because it happened to me the day grace entered my heart. I would say to those that are struggling; ask Love/ God/ Peace to enter your heart in whatever way, shape, or form you feel comfortable. Keep asking and don't give up if it doesn't come right away. Sometimes, grace takes its own sweet time, but if you keep asking, I believe it will always eventually come.

The meat and potatoes of acceptance is needed when you can't do anything about a situation; when everything in your world cries out it can't be so, yet, it is. Your soul recoils at the thought of continuing. At that point, the only thing to do is turn it over to God and pray that grace will allow your heart to live again. Then, with unfelt promises of serenity, your emotional mind and your physical body take another step into the future.


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The Spiritual Awakening of a Sewer Worker

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